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5 Items Hackers Go After on a Business Hack

  1. Personal Information Personal information should come as no surprise that it is the number one thing hackers are trying to get from your business. Not just your personal information, they want all the personal information you have on your employees, prospects and clients. In 2017 nearly 17 million Americans had personal data stolen. Even birthdays which seem harmless, can give an identity thief valuable information to steal the identities of the people you have in your database
  2. Digital Infrastructure – Hackers do not want to pay for expensive storage equipment. Why should they when they can hack in and use your data servers and storage implements to house their data and applications for free. This may cause you to have network slowdowns and for you to run out of data storage faster.
  3. Confidential Product Information – They want your products before you release them to the public. They want your pricing and business strategies. These items can be sold to your competitors and cost you your business.
  4. Corporate Account Data – They want to gain access to your employees accounts. They can use your employees emails to attack other unsuspecting individuals or companies, since your employee is a “trusted” source. They could represent themselves as you or your CEO and request important confidential information from others that seems normal for your business. This at the very least can cause confusion and cause your company to lose its trusted status with others.
  5. Network Control – You have heard the horror stories of ransomware attacks. These hackers lock you out of your own critical information; accounting, billing, marketing, and/or employee records to name a few. They keep you locked out unless you pay them the amount they demand. You may say this cannot happen to you – you’re wrong. Ransomware attacks are the second most common form of cyber attacks. The statistics on ransomware cyber crime in the US is very alarming.

Computers and mobile phones are a critical tools in most businesses today. You just can’t compete without their assistance. You need them to better efficiencies, quote, track – inventory, payroll, income and more.

According to CNBC, 43% of business cyber attacks are aimed at small businesses. The average cost to a business on a cyber attack is $200,000. More than half of small businesses suffered a breach in 2018 – 2019.

The threat to your business is real. It is time for you to act now. It is time to upgrade your data protection. It is also time to sit down and review your policy for cyber protection coverage. Call us at (317) 886 – 0081 for a review of your cyber protection insurance risk. We have great solutions for most industries. You can visit us on line at the Scott Lynch Agency.

Photo by Saksham Choudhary from Pexels