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Criminal Defense Cost Reimbursement – Defense of Persons or Property

By February 20, 2017Home Insurance

“…prosecutors have dropped weapons charges against an elderly man who shot a teenage burglar who broke into his Englewood home last week…”

(Charges Dropped Against Elderly Man Who Shot Intruder)

You and your family are sitting at home and your worst nightmare happens. Someone breaks into your home.

You go and grab your firearm and shoot the intruder. That’s the end of it —- right? Next thing you know you’re in court and you have been charged with a crime for shooting someone in what you thought was a legal option*. You are eventually found innocent, but now you have to pay the defense attorney for your defense. The attorney’s fees are not dropped if you are found innocent or the charges are dropped. You have no choice but to find some way to raise the money for the defense fees.

(Fighting back against criminals: What’s permissible under Indiana law?*)

If you have an ErieSecure® Home Insurance Policy in the State of Indiana, you may be covered**. If you qualify and have the added endorsement “Criminal Defense Cost Reimbursement – Defense of Persons or Property”** You may be reimbursed up to $25,000.00 for criminal defense costs and legal expenses for criminal charges arising from reasonable acts committed to protect persons and property with certain qualifications listed in the policy.**

This is not legal advice – consult an attorney for current and accurate legal advice.* See current Indiana Laws.*
See current Indiana ErieSecure® Home Policy for current and accurate information. Conditions, limitation and exclusions apply.**Contact Scott Lynch or see policy for details.** Go to for company licensure.**