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Help Baby Ryker

By May 20, 2018family

Ryker Harris Go Fund Me Account

This sweet boy is Ryker Harris and he is only 11 months old. It was recently discovered that he has a very rare and large malignant tumor on the cerebellum portion of his brain. After one trip to the emergency room, Caitlin and Joshua Harris’s biggest fear as parents turned into a new reality and within 48 hours, doctors had baby Ryker on an operating table performing surgery to remove cancer from his brain. Unfortunately, the surgery was not fully successful because they learned the tumor is integrated into too much of the brain tissue to remove it all and a significant amount of it has been left behind. Chemotherapy is the next step, and the road to a hopeful recovery is going to be very long and difficult for this young family. Not to mention expensive. Many people have asked how they can help. In addition to prayers, donating to the many expenses this battle is sure to bring is a great way to help reduce some of the stress and worry that comes along with the financial burden of fighting cancer. Caitlin, Josh and baby Ryker are very grateful for the outpouring of love and support they have already gotten from family, friends, and even strangers. So if you are looking for something else you can do, let’s get together and fight with Josh, Caitlin and Ryker! Any amount will help!