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Understanding motorcycle insurance for Indiana or Ohio can be confusing. There is a lot to consider when insuring your motorcycle. Just like there is more to consider than keeping your balance on your motorcycle when you are out on the road. We can make your Indiana or Ohio resident insurance for your motorcycle easier to understand.

In Indiana and Ohio, the absolute minimum motorcycle insurance coverage is liability insurance. Your Liability insurance is used to protect those you may hurt or property that you may damage of others. The amount of liability insurance coverage required by law is a minimum amount determined by each state. This minimum amount is generally not enough for the average motorcycle owner, which may be true in your case. It is important that we discuss your personal situation to arrive at an amount of liability insurance that you feel is right for you.

Other things that you will want to protect may include;

  • medical expenses of you and/or your passenger
  • coverage for you and/or your passenger if you are hit by an uninsured motorist or an under insured motorist
  • Collision insurance coverage for your motorcycle
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage for your motorcycle for things that include theft, hail or hitting an animal
  • Coverage for upgrades that you make to your motorcycle
  • Coverage for riding accessories and or safety gear

There are more items for us to discuss, so call us at (317) 886-0081 or (513) 725-6494.

Riding a motorcycle takes your full attention. Don’t let “am I covered?” thoughts creep into your mind. Because you need to be focusing on the road, the other vehicles and enjoying the day. Call us today and let us help you create the right motorcycle insurance policy for you. A policy that puts you at ease so you can enjoy the ride. Learn more on our Indiana and Ohio Motorcycle Insurance Page.

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