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It’s in your control!

By August 26, 2017family

Today’s news is filled with how history is holding people back. Many are out there saying I can’t because I have the deck stacked against me. I recently heard from a senior in college saying it isn’t fair because all of his friends are having their college paid for by their parents and their parents are buying them new cars. He thinks his life is tough because he had to have his parents get a Plus loan and he has to work while in college.

People have worse situations than the young senior. Much worse. Some have smaller hurdles in their life. Anyone can feel their hurdle is significant and keeping them from success. Truth is they are correct – if they let the hurdle stop them. It’s time to stop looking at these things as hurdles. They can be tunnels, stepping stones or a fun obstacle to your full potential.

Tonight you will see two men who didn’t let their history, their past, their circumstances hold them back. Some say boxing is brutal and barbaric. Others say it is the Sweet Science. Regardless of what you think, for these two it is a life long dedication. Life long practice. Life long focus. These two had the deck stacked against them, and it meant nothing to them other than one more reason to succeed. They had plenty of personal drama and strife as children and young adults. It did not veer their vision or derail their determination.

No matter what the final bell says about which one is the champion. They are both champions and won the title belt for controlling their lives and succeeding in their passion.

Congratulations to both!