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Top 10 most common accidents & illnesses in cats

Collectively, pet owners spent an estimated $18.98 billion on vet care alone last year. In an analysis of its 2019 claims, one Pet Insurance company* determined the top accidents and illnesses plaguing cats in the U.S., examining common symptoms, treatments, case studies, and how much it may cost pet parents for the best available care. Here is what they determined the illness/accident claims to be along with the average expense to insureds for treating their cats.

Image by photosforyou from Pixabay

10. Ear Infection – 5.2% of Top Ten Claims. Vet cost up to $3094.00*.

Ear infections are uncomfortable and sometimes painful, and
they can also be a symptom of a more significant health issue.
If left untreated, ear infections can lead to hearing loss or other
health problems. Kittens, if left outside, are prone to ear mites,
which are tiny parasites that live inside the ear canal and can
cause infection.

9. Diabetes – 6.5% of Top Ten Claims. Vet cost up to $9610.00*.

Cats develop diabetes mellitus, which is the inability to
produce enough insulin to balance blood sugar, or glucose
levels. Left untreated, it can lead to weight loss, loss of appetite,
vomiting, dehydration, severe depression, problems with motor
function, coma and even death. Male cats and those who are
older or obese are most likely to develop the condition. Diabetes
can be controlled but not cured.

8. Kidney Conditions – 6.5% of Top Ten Claims. Vet cost up to $14737.00*.

Chronic kidney disease is a common ailment in older cats.
Acute kidney injury is a severe condition with a relatively sudden
onset. Mild kidney conditions may be managed with a special

7. Pain – 6.8% of Top Ten Claims. Vet cost up to $5815.00*.

Pain usually indicates an underlying condition or can be caused
by aging and arthritis. Past trauma, genetic conditions, and even
accidents can lead to a pet experiencing pain. If your cat appears
to be in pain, get them to the vet immediately.

6. Eye Conditions – 7.1% of Top Ten Claims. Vet cost up to $4080.00*.

Eye conditions affecting cats can include conjunctivitis, corneal
ulcers, uveitis and retinal damage. A veterinarian should check
out all eye conditions immediately to reduce the chance of long
term damage. Treatment can range from eye drops to surgery.

5. Skin Conditions – 7.2% of Top Ten Clams. Vet cost up to $1695.00*.

Cats can be afflicted with a myriad of skin conditions, caused
by infections, pests or allergies. Most common symptoms are
itchiness, dry or flaky skin and over-grooming. A vet will be able
to identify a cause and start a treatment plan.

4. Heart Conditions – 8.1% of Top Ten Claims. Vet cost up to $7606.00*.

Heart issues in cats can include heart disease, hypertrophic
cardiomyopathy, complications from blood clots, heart valve
issues, and heart murmur. There is no cure for heart failure but
most heart conditions can be managed with medication.

3. Cancer – 8.4% of Top Ten Claims. Vet cost up to $11643.00*.

Cancer in cats can take many forms. Common cancers in
cats include lymphoma, which is associated with small cell
gastrointestinal lymphoma, squamous cell carcinoma (a form of
skin cancer), and fibrosarcoma (soft tissue sarcoma). Cancer can
be treatable with chemotherapy and surgery, which can extend
your kitty’s life or eradicate the cancer completely. Cancer is one
of the most expensive conditions to treat.

2. Urinary Tract Conditions – 12.5% of Top Ten Claims. Vet cost up to $12587.00*.

Cats are more prone than dogs to see the vet for urinary tract
disease or infections, which have similar symptoms. The majority
of afflicted young and middle aged cats have a condition called
idiopathic cystitis, which, unlike stones and infection, does
not show up on a test. An infection of the cat’s urethra is most
commonly found in young kittens. Urinary Tract Blockages are
serious and life threatening.

1.Stomach Issues – 31.8% of Top Ten Claims. Vet cost up to $24402.00*.

Cats’ stomach issues can include gastrointestinal disorders,
inflammation, food allergies, poisoning, intestinal bacteria or

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*The costs are based on the highest covered claim for the issue filed between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019. Source