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Your babysitter, Jill, is great with the kids. She even does laundry. Don’t you just love her? But your kids love leaving toys on the stairs and Jill fell down and broke her crown. The lawsuit came tumbling after.* Do you have an umbrella policy? #lifeisunpredictable

Personal Umbrella Insurance #lifeisunpredictable
Personal Umbrella Insurance #lifeisunpredictable

What does umbrella insurance cover?

Umbrella insurance provides an additional layer of personal liability protection1 on top of your liability insurance. So what does that mean? Here’s a scenario to help explain:

You’re driving on a rainy night when traffic stops abruptly ahead of you. Because of the conditions, you can’t stop fast enough and rear-end the car in front of you, seriously injuring the two occupants. The total cost of their medical care is $720,000. Your auto policy pays $500,000 and repairs their vehicle, but that leaves $220,000 in unpaid bills for which you are legally responsible.

This is where umbrella insurance kicks in. A Safeco umbrella policy provides an additional layer of protection when you don’t have enough primary insurance coverage. Without an umbrella policy, your savings and future income could be in danger. But, in this scenario, your umbrella policy will pay the $220,000 in outstanding bills, plus associated legal costs as well.

A Safeco umbrella policy can be used with any other Safeco policies you have, along with most policies purchased from other insurance companies. This includes policies covering your boat, motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle, snowmobile, or other toys.

Why should you add umbrella insurance to your policy?

Having $500,000 of liability coverage sounds like a lot of protection, but when you think about the high cost of emergency care, surgical bills, post-surgery care, rehab, pain and suffering, lost income, and more the costs can rise rapidly. Multiply that by several individuals and it’s easy to exceed $500,000.

A personal umbrella policy begins where damages for covered claims could exceed the underlying policy limits. It’s also a critical part of your overall risk management plan because it provides an additional layer of protection when you need it.

Without an umbrella policy, your assets, savings, and even future income could be in danger because you could be required to pay all costs over your policy’s liability limit. And umbrella covers much more than just auto accidents. That’s why it’s essential in helping protect your family.

It’s also affordable. Quality coverage costs as little as a dollar a day.

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*Whether umbrella coverage would apply to any actual situation is subject to provisions, exclusions, conditions, and limitations of the applicable insurance policy. To qualify for a personal umbrella policy, you need to be a Safeco auto policyholder.

1Rates vary. Applicants individually underwritten. Your home or boat policy does not have to be with Safeco, but minimum liability limits are required.